Man’s search to rehome 9 metre Game of Thrones dragon

Colin Smith posing with his dragonColin Smith posing with his dragon
Colin Smith posing with his dragon
A Game of Thrones dragon which has been stopping traffic is on the hunt for a new home.

Inventor Colin Smith built the model, made of building foam and other recycled material, after being inspired by the hit TV show.

The mythical creature, living in the 71-year-old’s garden in Slaugham, has prompted drivers to pull over and take a snap.

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Colin said: “It’s outside the house at the moment and it’s causing quite a few problems - cars stopping, people getting out to photograph it.

The dragon was made from recycled materials around Colin's Slaugham gardenThe dragon was made from recycled materials around Colin's Slaugham garden
The dragon was made from recycled materials around Colin's Slaugham garden

“I’m very pleased with it. It was not a laborious task. It almost made itself really.

“On top of that I was able to clear up rubbish from my garden as a lot of its used recycled materials.”

Race against time

The completed project took two years but, as the end of the series looms, Colin has stepped up his search for a new home.

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Colin's Game of Thrones dragonColin's Game of Thrones dragon
Colin's Game of Thrones dragon

He added: “I’m desperately now trying to find somewhere for it to go. It would be nice for it to go as an exhibit somewhere.

“The problem is Game of Thrones ends in three or four weeks. After that there won’t be any interest in dragons.”

Name the beast

As well as a new home Colin is also looking for a name for his fantastic beast.

He said suggestions are welcome and he would pick his favourite.

Colin added: “It’s just a bit of fun, no more than that.

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“I’m not out to make any money from it. All the money will go to charity. It would just be nice if it would end up somewhere where people could appreciate it.

“If I don’t get rid of it it’s going to have to go in my garage. It’s going to take up the whole garage because it’s so big.”

‘Hardly any sign’ of dragons

However Colin has been left disappointed by the latest series of the blockbuster show.

He said: “I don’t think the last series is a patch on the previous ones. For one thing there’s hardly any sign of the dragons.

“We watch it and it’s a very good programme. Particularly the special effects which I suppose is one of my motivations.”