Meet Bognor's breakout TikTok talent — social media superstar @brookehwr

Brooke Hewer has amassed 18.8m likes on TikTok since joining the app in 2020.

Brooke Hewer — Bognor's social media superstar
Brooke Hewer — Bognor's social media superstar

In under two years of having her TikTok account the 22 year-old Bognor Regis native can boast 18.8m likes and 405.6k followers on the Chinese social media behemoth.

Ms Hewer is best-known for her 'funny clothes haul' videos in which she shows off recent clothing acquisitions by wearing them whilst swinging on her door frame.

Ms Hewer said: "I started posting clothing hauls on Tiktok last March and it took off from there, I’ve recently just quit my job to do TikTok full time and I’m loving it! A very unexpected but crazy experience!"

The popular personality whimsically revealed in a post last December that she was a West Sussex native.

She also talks about and documents her daily life with many videos including her boyfriend Rory Driscoll, all of which have a humorous edge.

Brooke can be found on TikTok under the name @brookehwr .