VIDEO: Worthing mental health charity shop to open on Christmas Day

A mental health charity shop in Worthing will open its doors on Christmas day for those who find the festive period difficult.

The Mind charity shop, in Goring Road, West Worthing, has made the decision to open its doors to anybody who is alone on Christmas Day or who finds the day especially hard.

Shop manager Sharon Stephenson, 48, and her son Curtis, 27, the assistant manager, want to give people the opportunity to make the day a memorable one.

Sharon said: “I’ve spent Christmas Day alone before. It’s not a nice place to be and I just feel that we are in a privileged position in this shop to be able to give somebody a place to come if they are on their own, struggling, not a fan of Christmas or just don’t celebrate it.

Sharon Stephenson, manager of Mind in Goring Road, has decided to open up the shop on Christmas day

“I think the more places that are open on Christmas for people to visit, the better.”

The charity shop will be open from 10am until 2pm and people can drop in whenever they like. Sharon said there will be music playing and refreshments available for anyone who decides to drop by.

Sharon wants people to feel comfortable coming to the shop on Christmas day. She said: “Don’t be anxious about coming to our shop on Christmas.

“We have all been in a difficult situation and have all had difficult journeys. We sympathise and relate to everybody who has been through a hard time and there is absolutely no need to be worried about visiting us on Christmas.

“We want people to come in, have a mince pie, and just feel like they’ve had a different day to usual.

“This is not a case of we want you to come in and purchase anything, its just a case of us being there, the door will be open for people to come in, have a chat, and to not be alone at Christmas.”