Miss Brighton 2021 shares hopes for competition

A 24-year-old is excited to be representing Brighton at Miss Great Britain 2021.

Danielle Evans 24, lives in Rottingdean, Brighton entered the competition because she waned to represent the city she loves.

"I love Brighton’s ethos, it’s community and just feeling accepted for who I am," she said.

"When I first moved here, I didn’t know anyone and I was welcome by everybody. Doing and becoming Miss Brighton allows me to give something back to all those that have made this my home."


Danielle is also a rugby player and in 2019 launched a viral campaign called #TryMe, aimed to break the stereotypes around female rugby players, this is something she is keen to do as Miss Brighton.

She said: "There’s this misconception that you have to look a certain way to enter. This isn’t true at all. You’re not judged on your physical appearance. It’s all based on how you carry yourself, your confidence and most importantly, what you want to achieve as an ambassador.

"There’s also a misconception that you have to come from a certain background to be considered. Again, not true. What I love about Miss Great Britain is that the pageant is so diverse. You can be married and have children. Every year there’s so many inspiration finalists who have their own story, ambitions and come from all different walks of life."

Through the #TryMe campaign Danielle wanted to show that you can do and be anything.

She said: "To be honest, it could have been any sport or hobby. You could be wrestler and have a talent for knitting. It was all about educating and inspiring others that stereotypes only exist if we create them. Break them down!"

Miss Great Britain's chosen charities this year is Cancer Research and Alex Wish, which Danielle will be raising money for.

She said: "This is my second going into Miss Great Britain and still feel the same amount of excitement as I did last time. Its such a fantastic experience. You work so hard in the lead up to final and when it comes to big night, you just get to go out, enjoy yourself and be unapologetically you!

"The support from everyone has been incredible and I’m still so incredibly grateful for the continued support. "