Mum starts traffic calming petition saying short walk to Yapton shop is ‘nerve-wracking’

Traffic calming is being called for by a Yapton mum who says she rarely walks the short distance to the village shop for fear of her children being near such fast-moving traffic.

Kate Waterkeyn has launched a petition asking West Sussex County Council to introduce traffic calming and ‘village enhancement’ measures along the B2233 Yapton Road/Burndell Road.

“A walk around the village is, at present, not a pleasant experience,” she said.

“We (like many other residents in the village) have small children and a dog and it can be nerve-wracking walking with them along the Yapton Road (particularly when the footpath is immediately adjoining the road or comes to an end requiring one to cross to the opposite pavement).

Kate Waterkeyn is calling for traffic calming in Yapton. Photo: OliveJoy Photography

“We live only a small distance from the village shops but we rarely walk there with the children because we are nervous of them walking near to such fast-moving traffic.

“This means that we are more likely to get in our car and go to shops and walking routes further from the village.

“That should not be the case in a small village such as Yapton: we would rather support our local businesses, enjoy walking in our local area and reap the benefits of living in a village community.”

Kate said a ‘significant proportion’ of traffic was not adhering to the 30mph speed limit due to there being no enforcement, the road being used as ‘cut through’ between the A259 and A27 and ‘inadequate’ signage – including one sign being knocked so it faces away from the road.

“The traffic also creates noise pollution,” she said. “The majority of village residents live on or close to the B2233 and we can all hear the traffic in our homes.

“The World Health Organisation considers that noise is one of the top environmental hazards to both physical and mental health and well-being in Europe.”

Kate urged other residents to sign the petition: “If we can show that there is strong community support for traffic calming measures, hopefully they will grant our request.”