Mystery envelopes containing cash delivered to homes in Barnham and Felpham

Residents in Barnham, Felpham and beyond have reported receiving anonymous envelopes containing cash over the new year period.

Barnham residentRachael Warne found the envelope, which contained £25 cash and a message reading ‘peace and joy at Christmas’, pushed through her door on December 31, and knows of at least four other households who received similar packages.

“I think I’ve heard of this sort of thing done before in other areas, where a local lottery winner or someone decided to do it,” she said.

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“We’ve had an elderly neighbour move out recently and initially we wondered if maybe it was him or his family. But I asked a couple of my immediate neighbours, who all said they got one and a friend round the corner said they got one.

One of the mystery envelopes

“So I put it on our community page to find out if it was just a Barnham thing, but a colleague tagged me in a post on a Bognor Regis page and it turns out someone has done it in Felpham.”

Now aware the mystery goes beyond her next door neighbours, the 38-year-old operations manager said she has ‘no clue’ who might be responsible for the mystery parcels or why they might have been delivered.

“I don’t know how it was delivered or anything. It seems from what I’ve read in other places that it’s in the early hours of the morning, so people might be going out at night time or evenings doing it,” she said.

“Maybe someone who hasn’t got much came into some money and just wanted to pass it on.”

Whoever they are and whatever their reasons, Mrs Warne, alongside many other residents, feel grateful for the mysterious benefactor’s generosity.

“(If I saw them) I’d say it was a lovely gesture and thank you very much.

“I just noticed it as I was going out to work and, you know, now I’m up 25 quid. Thank you very much!”