New ‘self-care’ shop opening on London Road

Katie and Faith’s, a shop specialising in self-care essentials like wax burners, bath bombs, candles and more will be opening up on London Road tomorrow (April 17).

34-year-old Katie Chadwick, the owner, started the business from her garden summer house last September.

She set up a website which gave customers a chance to build their own gift boxes, choosing from a range of skin care products, bath bombs and infusers to personalise their self-care routine. From those humble beginnings, Mrs Chadwick said things have rapidly expanded.

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“It all went really mad really quickly. I actually didn’t plan on starting in September, I was getting things together and I set up my Instagram page and my mum followed it and a few others and then all of a sudden all these orders were flying in,” she said.

Katie Chadwick hopes to use the business to promote self-care

“It’s literally been six months of just total, unbelievable craziness”

Mrs Chadwick says that, even though the pandemic has proven challenging, there are certain ways in which it’s made her message of self-love even more prudent.

“The pandemic didn’t really worry me because people were at home more, so people were getting bored and getting low and feeling just a bit lost in life. I just thought now was the time for people to start looking after themselves.”

Now she’s moved to a shop on London Road Mrs Chadwick hopes to deliver that message to even more people. A former care worker and hairdresser, she said she was looking for a new way to make people feel good about themselves.

Katie and Faith's, on London Road

“I got into this to try and promote self-care and looking after yourself more. To promote treating the people that you love.”

To her, self-care is about more than the bath-bombs and body butter on her shop shelves. They are a means to an end.

She said: “To me, it’s about taking time away from everyday life. Whether that’s a hot bath with a bath bomb, or reading a book or wearing a facemask. It’s doing something that reminds you you’re a person. You are not just ‘mum’, you are not just your husband’s wife or you mum’s daughter. You’re a person, too, with feelings and a name. So you should prioritise yourself.”

In order to facilitate that, Mrs Chadwick has done her best to make all her products as accessible as possible. There are kid friendly bath bombs in the shape of elephants and unicorns, beard oil and bath dust for the boys, and all her products are vegan friendly, meaning no one has to go without.

Customers can also subscribe to a ‘Monthly Melts’ box for £20 a month, which sees a range of goodies, handpicked by Mrs Chadwick, delivered to subscriber’s doorsteps every month.

Mrs Chadwick also hopes her success will serve as an inspiration to her 14-year-old daughter.

“She suffers with her mental health, and I suffer quite badly too. I wanted her to feel like it doesn’t matter how many bad days you have, there’s always something positive that can come out of it. She’s seen me at my worst and I wanted her to see my at my best as well.

I wanted her to take something from this, to tell her “don’t ever be defeated by the bad days, because you’ve still got so much more to give,’”

To find out more about Katie and Faith’s, visit it’s website or Facebook page.