Newhaven goldsmith creates jewellery fit for a Queen

Jeweller Mike Shorer was asked to create two pieces for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to commemorate their visit by Newhaven Chamber of Commerce.

The jewellery was due to be presented to the Queen by Newhaven Chamber of Commerce president Annie Lorys during her visit on Thursday October 31.

Mike Shorer, jeweller to present items to the Queen

Mike Shorer, jeweller to present items to the Queen

It includes a reproduction Romano-British horse brooch from the second century for the Queen, as she has a passion for horses.

The brooch is made in gold plated English pewter with blue and green enamel.

The second piece is for Prince Philip and is a gold plated English pewter tiepin based on a Tudor rose, inspired by one of the artefacts found on Henry VIII’s flagship Mary Rose.

Mike said: “I am extremely honoured to have been given the opportunity to present some pieces from my company, Historic Jewellery Reproduction, on behalf of Newhaven Chamber of Commerce to her Majesty and Prince Philip.

“The Chamber members are working very hard to promote business in Newhaven and we are delighted that the Queen and Prince Philip have chosen to visit us”

Chamber president Annie Lorys added: “I am very pleased that Newhaven has been chosen as one of the locations in East Sussex and I am delighted and honoured that I will be representing the Newhaven Chamber of Commerce on this historic occasion.

“The Chamber decided that it would be nice to mark the occasion with a small gift for the Queen and Prince Philip.

“I asked the Lord Lieutenant’s office if it was appropriate and acceptable to offer gifts and they told me that it was perfectly acceptable but they said that due to practicalities, it would be best not to hand it to the Queen on the day, but to pass it to the Lord Lieutenant’s office, who will be sending the gifts onto Buckingham Palace after the event.

“As the Chamber has a seventh generation goldsmith, Mike Shorer, as one of its members who has worked on pieces for members of the Royal family in the past, it seemed very appropriate to ask him to create some pieces of jewellery for this occasion.”

Mike has worked on many bespoke pieces for various Royal families, famous musicians, TV, film and sports stars.

His family business already boasts several links with the Royal Family: his grandfather Cornelius Henry Scheurer used to set diamonds into pieces of royal jewellery and he was responsible for repairing the orb that fell from George V’s coffin.