NHS worker ‘distraught’ after two bikes in a row stolen in Eastbourne

An NHS worker was devastated after a second bike was stolen in Eastbourne.

Liam Harris has had two bikes stolen from him in a matter of months
Liam Harris has had two bikes stolen from him in a matter of months

Liam Harris is an occupational therapist who has been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic – and cycling on the South Downs has been his only means of escape.

But he was left ‘distraught’ after not just one but two mountain bikes in a row have been snatched by thieves.

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The 38-year-old said, “I’m truly gutted about losing another. I have lost more than £4,000 worth of bikes in a few months.

The most recent was a two-month-old YT Jeffsy, stolen outside Sainsbury's in Seaside Road

“Being a mental health key worker this has taken a major toll on my own mental health.”

The first incident saw his Calibre Sentry stolen from a secure garage in Seaside Road in July.

He said, “I was absolutely distraught as my bike was all that I had at that time, other than work. To lose it then was horrible.”

Liam eventually replaced the bike two months later, he said, after struggling to get hold of one as they were all sold out due to covid.

Liam says cycling is all he has outside of work

He took extra precautions this time, and said his bike garage is now like ‘Fort Knox’.

But on Tuesday afternoon (September 22), he left his new blue YT Jeffsy with a strong lock on outside Sainsbury’s in Seaside Road for a few moments while he was in the shop.

When he came back outside just before 3pm, it was gone.

“It’s shocking really,” he said, “I’d not let it out of my sight before then. I couldn’t believe it.

The first bike was a Calibre Sentry, stolen from a secure garage in June

“I’m stupid for leaving it outside, but it was just for one minute. It’s unbelievable they took it that quickly.”

He does not think he can afford another bike now.

The bike is described as a YT blue mountain bike with orange pedals.

Anyone who witnessed what happened can report to police online or call 101, quoting 789 of 22/09.

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