Observer's Phil completes first marathon since stabbing

The Observer group's arts editor Phil Hewitt has finally completed his 31st marathon '“ his first since being stabbed and left for dead in Cape Town last year.

Phil on his way to completing the Worcester Marathon
Phil on his way to completing the Worcester Marathon

“The Worcester Marathon was hot and hilly, and my stabby leg really hurt on the downhills, especially towards the end of the 26.2 miles,” Phil said.

“But it was great to get back to what I love – even if my finishing time, just over four hours, was 90 seconds off being my worst ever.

“My excuse seemed reasonable!

“But actually this one wasn’t about time at all”, said Phil who needed 18 stitches to two stab wounds to his leg after the mugging in South Africa in February last year.

He also suffered three broken ribs and a sustained kicking, resulting in abdominal surgery when he got home.

“It has been a horrid year in so many ways, but I am more convinced than ever that running is the answer to everything.

“I wrote a book called Keep On Running.

“It is a relief to be able to live up to the title.”

Phil’s previous marathons have included New York, Tokyo, Marrakech, London (six times), Paris (three times), Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Mallorca, Portsmouth (three times), Brighton, La Rochelle and Dublin.