One of a kind helter-skelter unveiled at Bognor mini golf course

A helter-skelter unveiled at the Bognor Regis mini golf course is the first of its kind in the UK, the owner has said

Owner Paul Tienan poses with the new helter skelter
Owner Paul Tienan poses with the new helter skelter

The eight foot tall attraction, modelled on the traditional fairground ride, is unique because it allows players to putt their golf balls up the central chute and watch them spiral down the outside yellow track.

Paul Tienan, who has owned the mini-golf course since 1993 said the new addition was ‘something special’.

“When we were planning this, the one thing I wanted to be sure of was that it would work as a helter-skelter.” He said, “I went with a mate of mine to an indoor golf course in London, which boasts a ten foot tall helter skelter. It looks impressive, but it’s only a visual thing. When you actually play, you just hit the ball through the centre. This isn’t like that.”

Alongside the helter-skelter, Mr Tienan has organised a variety of other new additions, including a loop de loop and a wavy bridge, both produced by Kedek, a local metal sheeting company.

All of the new additions were designed and produced by Kedek, a sheet metal contractor based in Bognor

The course has also benefitted from a variety of refurbishments over the last few months, including new turf, new carpeting and a fresh coat of paint.

“We’ve really gone to town on the refurbishments and I’m very pleased with how they’ve come out.” He said,

With outdoor sports facilities re-opening next week, the seafront mini golf course will be opening it’s doors to customers on March 29.