The baby bunnies were nursed back to health. Picture from RSPCA SUS-210420-103912001

Orphaned baby rabbits nursed back to health in Hastings - pictures

Two orphaned baby rabbits were nursed back to health by staff at Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre in Hastings.

By Richard Gladstone
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 10:50 am

The RSPCA said they were found by a farmer in a hay bale.

The little babies had lost their mother and staff at Mallydams had to hand-feed them three times a day until they were big enough to fend for themselves.

They were then released back into the wild.

The RSPCA said more than 13,000 animals were admitted to the RSPCA’s four wildlife centres in 2020, including 1,882 hedgehogs, 247 rabbits and 195 bats, most in the peak months of May, June and July.

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