Pancake fun for Uckfield

Pancake race time at Uckfield
Pancake race time at Uckfield

Shrove Tuesday came early to Uckfield last weekend.

‘Anticipating Pancake Day’ was a huge success on Sunday.

The sun shone as parishioners from the 9.30am and 11am services at Holy Cross Church joined forces to run the Rector ragged.

Children and adults joined in the fun with races in the Belmont Centre car park while freshly made pancakes were served for all to enjoy.

Canon Martin Onions was beaten into second place by curate Rev Christian Mitchell. But he has vowed for revenge next year.

Like many other European holidays, before it was adopted by the Christian church as the beginning of Lent, pancake day was originally a pagan holiday. The Slavs believed the change of seasons was a struggle between Jarilo, the god of vegetation, fertility and springtime and the evil spirits of cold and darkness.

People believed they had to help Jarilo fight against winter and bring in the spring. They believed that by eating pancakes they got the power, light and warmth of the sun.