Pop up restaurant opens as Lewes pizza place repairs fire damage

Pizza the action - children from Hamsey School learning how to make pizza.
Pizza the action - children from Hamsey School learning how to make pizza.

A pizza place in Lewes which was damaged by fire has opened a pop up restaurant downstairs at the Bus Station.

The Hearth in Lewes launched the temporary restaurant on Thursday, February 12.

Children from Hamsey Community Primary School were the first to enjoy the experience when they visited on Wednesday.

Staff at The Hearth in East Street are working hard to ensure the restaurant above the Bus Station is open to the public again as soon as possible.

The pizza making class for pupils was booked at the end of 2014 but since the fire damaged the restaurant it looked as if they would have to cancel.

But a suggestion by pizza chef Mario Pignatelli, that the school group could be hosted in the waiting room, if it were given a makeover, saved the day.

“Mario’s suggestion was a stroke of genius,” said Michael Hanson, owner of The Hearth,

“It’s allowed us to ensure that the children weren’t disappointed, and provided us with a way to create an intimate, but novel, pop-up dining experience while the main restaurant is being revamped.

“The whole team loved the idea and have worked hard to make it happen.”

The Waiting Room will be open from Thursday to Saturday, 5.30pm to 10.30pm.

A fire broke out in the kitchen of The Hearth on Friday January 30.

This week The Heart announced the main restaurant upstairs will reopen in March.