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Pothole Watch - These are the worst potholes in Bognor Regis

As part of the Observer Pothole Watch campaign, this newspaper has been urging its readers to make their voices heard and to inform the council about damaged and potholed roads.

By Sam Morton
Monday, 27th January 2020, 5:13 pm

Dozens of Observer readers have been having their say about the worst potholes in the area. Commenting on our Facebook page, Shirl Whirl wrote: “Look out motorcyclists. Bad pothole around a manhole cover on Nyton Road, to the left of Norton Lane, Aldingbourne. Repaired a while ago and now as bad as ever. Cost my grandson dearly when his car hit it last year.” Michelle Westwood listed a number of areas including; Linden Road, Longford Road, Ash Grove, Aldwick Road, Pagham Road, Lagness Road, Sefter Road and Drayton Lane. She added: “Some are so dangerous you have little choice but to hit them on a two lane roundabout.” Michelle Westwood, who ‘drives for a living’ said the state of the roads is ‘terrible’. She added: “I feel like I’m playing a daily dodge the pothole. McDonald’s roundabout, Hewarts Lane double jeopardy, New Barn Lane, lights at Rose Green and Felpham Road.” Jan Halstead said the ‘whole of Lake Lane is a pothole’. Chris Dowling said filling the holes are ‘just a temporary fix’. Agnes Spink drew attention to the middle section of Pagham Road from Spinnaker View towards Millfarm Drive which are ‘so dangerous for walkers when crossing the road’. Brenda Mee warned of a ‘big hole’ outside Comet Cottage, which is ‘really dangerous’. Anne Elizabeth Hallett said there is another massive hole in Hawthorn Road ‘just past Essex Road turning’. People can report a pothole or other damage on the road to West Sussex County Council via the Love West Sussex app. Alternatively potholes can be reported to the highways team on the county council’s website at www.westsussex.gov.uk. The Observer also want to hear from you about the problem areas and potholes which are impacting you that you want to see improved. Have you been affected by damaged roads in the Bognor Regis area? Share your pothole views, experiences, and pictures by emailing them to our newsdesk at [email protected]

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