Public toilets get ‘positive response’ in Hailsham

The new public toilet facility which opened in Hailsham town centre six months ago has received positive feedback from residents and visitors, the town clerk has said.

The public toilet facility at the former Cortlandt Stable Block in North Street was opened to the public last August and comprises two cubicles, one of which is fully wheelchair accessible and includes baby-changing facilities.

The toilets are free to use and are open to the public seven days a week, from 8am to 6pm.

Town clerk John Harrison said: “Hailsham Town Council acknowledges the importance of public toilet availability and as a result of its commitment to provide clean, safe and accessible toilets, opened the new public toilets in North Street to replace those in Vicarage Field which were maintained and closed by Wealden District Council. The town council did look into the possibility of refurbishing the former toilet block but due to its condition and high level of asbestos, it proved too costly.

“Residents and visitors welcomed the opening of the toilets in North Street and we have already received positive comments, particularly about how clean and accessible they are. Hailsham is no different from other towns in experiencing difficulties with the provision of public toilets, however. Vandals have carried out three attacks on the facility since being opened, although the town council acted quickly to report each incident and undertake the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.”

Other toilet facilties in town, which are taking part in Wealden District Council’s Community Toilet Scheme, include Freedom Leisure, Waitrose, Callenders Restaurant, and Costa Coffee.