Arundel Cathedral: Pupils praised for performances at children’s concert with the Sleepy Lagoon Orchestra

Pupils from Arundel’s two primary schools starred in a special children’s concert at Arundel Cathedral, with their individual performances proving a highlight of the evening.

The Sleepy Lagoon Orchestra from Chichester hosted the concert, which included Holly and Madeleine from Arundel Church of England Primary School and Herbie and Amara from St Philip’s Catholic Primary School on the piano, the guitar and singing during the evening.

Arundel mayor Tony Hunt presented prizes to the children at the end of the evening and congratulated them on their contribution to a ‘magical evening’ as part of the Arundel Festival.

Mr Hunt said: “It is just wonderful that we can all be back out and about again enjoying this Arundel Festival together. We are very fortunate to live in a town where volunteers can stage such an event and in a town which can attract such talented performers of the calibre of the Sleepy Lagoon Orchestra to come and participate.

Arundel Festival chair Sharon Blaikie, University of Chichester orchestral manager Simon Growcott, Arundel mayor Tony Hunt and two of the musicians from the Sleepy Lagoon Orchestra with, from left, Herbie, Amara, Holly and Madeleine

“We must be very grateful to the people who have made this possible. Arundel Festival does not just happen. It takes months of hard work and planning, almost all of it done by volunteers.

“When work began on this festival in January, we were all in lockdown. The children were spending their school day online. None of us knew what the situation would be in August.

“Some people said we shouldn’t hold a festival this year because we don’t know what the situation will be. Luckily for us, the festival committee took a different view and prepared for a whole range of situations, so they were ready for whatever circumstances materialised.

“More than ever before, in 2021, this 45th Arundel Festival has been the result of determination, a sheer refusal to give up and a huge amount of hard work by the chair of the festival, Sharon Blaikie, and the festival committee and volunteers.

“So I thank them, and everyone else who has contributed, the schools, the sponsors and the performers, for what they have delivered for our enjoyment. I am now looking forward to the 46th festival next year.”

The concert was an ideal opportunity for children to experience live music and see instruments being played.