Queen's Jubilee: grey skies can't stop Bognor's sea front street party in pictures

Grey skies weren’t enough to stop today’s Jubilee street party, as residents from across Bognor Regis descended on the seafront for an event featuring food, live music and more.

“We had a brilliant day yesterday, and let’s hope today will be the same. As long as the rain holds off, it will be.” Said Mayor John Barrett at the start of today’s Jubilee street party on Bognor Regis seafront.

Luckily, it did. Today's event, which featured live music from a number of bands and community groups, stalls provided by local businesses and much more, went off without a hitch.

"I’m surprised so many people came out given the clouds,” Mr Barrett later said. “But it really shows that Bognor’s taking off. I have a feeling there’s this community backbone developing, that people are beginning to feel a bit prouder of Bognor than they did before.”

Alongside the festivities, for some visitors, attending today’s street party was part of fulfilling a cultural and social obligation, of acknowledging the scope and importance of a historically unprecedented celebration.

"None of us will ever live to see another Platinum Jubilee, and there may not ever be another one,” said one visitor. “So it’s really lovely to celebrate after two years locked up inside.

This is part of our culture, our heritage. None of us have lived under any monarch other than Elizabeth, so she’s been an incredibly big part of all our lives.”

"It’s just lovely to be part of something,” added another. “We’re very happy for the Queen and delighted to celebrate alongside her.”

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