Radio star holidays near Horsham and enjoys Sussex village pub

A radio star has said holidaying in Horsham is better than a break in Barcelona.

Stig Abell, who presents the Times Radio breakfast show, spent five days in an AirBnB in Warnham last week – picking Horsham District over a foreign holiday.

On yesterday’s [August 31] show he argued that his break in Sussex was a better holiday than his co-host Aasmah Mir’s trip to Barcelona.

He said the journey was shorter and he didn’t have to do a PCR test.

Warnham Nature Reserve. Pic Steve Robards SR2009101 SUS-201009-121120001

The 41-year-old Londoner told this newspaper: “It’s really accessible – the countryside is beautiful.

“I had a really nice time.”

Stig, who has previously worked for LBC Radio and often appears on BBC Radio 4, praised the weather in Horsham.

He added: “It’s got a bit of a microclimate. It was 20 odd degrees and the sun came out a bit and everything looked green and lovely.

Stig Abell enjoyed a holiday in Warnham. Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

“It made you feel borderline patriotic. It’s never too hot, it’s never too cold.

“[Horsham is] an advert for England.”

While holidaying in the district Stig visited several pubs in the area, including the parrot in Forest Green and the Chequers Inn in Rowhook.

He added: “[The Chequers Inn does] really nice pub food. They have got this lovely garden. It was a really lovely, safe place to go.”