Littlehampton town centre revamp plan gets mixed reviews

News that plans for a £3.5m revamp of Littlehampton town centre are progressing has been met with mixed reactions.

As reported in the Gazette last week, the project includes new pavements, road surfaces, planting and street furniture along the High Street, Beach Road, part of East Street, and on stretches of Clifton Road, Duke Street and St Martin’s Lane.

The next stage involves the preparation of detailed technical, structural and engineering plans before construction work can start on site.

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The reaction to the scheme progressing was mixed, with the article on the Gazette’s Facebook page – – attracting dozens of comments.

Littlehampton High Street is set for a 'fresh, clean, vibrant' new look

Stacey Wedge was happy for the work to go ahead, with a caveat.

She said: “As long as it’s clear what’s path and what’s road, then crack on. But Bognor redo was awful for teaching children the difference, as it all looks the same. Needs clear road and clear path ways.”

But Stephanie Delgreco did not believe it would be money well spent: “Waste of OUR money – how about pot holes, general maintenance, resuming normal service at the tip, weeding pavements in residential areas, doctors and dentists, and where is the promised hospital?

“There is nothing wrong with the town centre except for a lack of shops that are neither cafés or charity shops.

“I have to go to Bognor to get anything I need.”

Stephanie Haines agreed: “I honestly feel this is a complete waste of money.

“It doesn’t matter what you’re walking on, it’s the quality of the shops in the town that will attract tourism.”

While Claire White was not optimistic for the future of high streets in general: “Unfortunately, the close proximity of very large supermarkets selling everything under the sun has killed off the high street – that and internet shopping.

“I’m afraid the high street will soon become a thing of the past.”

James Walker simply said: “No one will use the town still unless we get some decent shops down there.”