Reader’s letter: Here is the point of Eastbourne’s naked bike ride

From: Hannah Moss, Lascelles Terrace, Eastbourne

As reactions start to flood in to the proposed naked bike ride, I’d like to address some of the negativity, particularly in response to Neil Wakefield’s letter last week Naked cyclists just a load of exhibitionists

I consider myself a keen cyclist and environmentalist and have never owned a car.

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I’m not an activist and I’m certainly not an exhibitionist, as Neil suggests.

World Naked Bike Ride in Hastings SUS-180406-073215001

However, I will get involved with the naked bike ride, even though I’m sure to feel self-conscious at times.

Why? Because I believe it’s for a good cause.

The whole point of the event is to raise awareness and get people talking – which it’s certainly doing already!

A clothed mass bike ride would not have the same impact – so that’s the whole point of it being naked.

I don’t understand people who find it disgusting or a ‘gross spectacle’ according to Neil. We’re all the same underneath our clothes – perhaps you just don’t like looking at your own naked body?

The fact that the ride is planned to go up the Cuckoo Trail means it couldn’t be more hidden away if it tried.

In fact, it’s pretty ironic that the event is about highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists and yet we can’t ride through the town because it’s not safe enough for cyclists (as a member of Bespoke cycle campaign group, this is something we’ve been trying to get resolved for many years.)

Perhaps we need to organise a break-off contingent to ensure the whole town sees us?

Originally from Brighton, I’ve never taken part in the naked bike ride there, but have always seen it as an inspiring, celebratory event where people get on their bikes, decorate their bodies, make some noise and have lots of fun!

This isn’t a one-off event; it’s a global movement across 70 cities in 20 countries and I’m so pleased Eastbourne’s finally getting involved.

More info at:

Neil – you can’t say you haven’t had plenty of warning this time. So, if you can’t quite bring yourself to celebrate the human body or the greenest mode of transport there is, then may I politely suggest you arrange to leave town that weekend?

I, on the other hand, will be having a great time on my bike here in Eastbourne!

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