Reader's letter: NHS funding should not be decided by unqualified politicians

From: Phil Dennett, Junction Road, Burgess Hill

Perhaps the dynamic power-seeking duo of Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss visiting Sussex could answer this urgent national question for me.

When are you going to formulate a fully funded policy to restore non-managerial staff (i.e. doctors and nurses) numbers in the NHS and social care to proper levels within ten years?

The money must be ring-fenced and allow for inflation with the agreement of opposition parties so that adequate funding will be available for the whole of that period, regardless of who is in power.

The Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath (Picture: Google Street View)

The funding required to be decided not by politicians, who are not qualified to make such decisions, but by an independent administrator assessing the estimates of NHS professionals.

We must stop this continual buck-passing from one Government to the other (of whatever party) and tackle this huge problem as one nation.

Otherwise I shall be writing this sort of stuff when I am 100, should the state of the NHS allow me to live that long.

We really must try something different for future generations.

This must not be an argument over money and taxes, but concentrate on public service rather than party politics. Remember that?

If all this sounds a little revolutionary, it is better than limping on the way we are, forever and a day.

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