Littlehampton fly-tipping: residents voice concerns

Littlehampton residents have spoken of their frustration at the mess that has been left outside of their homes.

Residents of Thatcher Close and York Gardens have said they have had enough of the fly-tipping that has been happening on their doorsteps.

Cardboard boxes, wood, building materials and paint have been dumped in the road between York Road and Connaught Road, with the situation made worse by bad weather.

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Sally Hall, 68, of York Gardens, said: “Myself and other residents are sick and tired of the fly-tipping that has been going on outside of our homes. Somebody is coming through and spilling the paint everywhere. It has reached the stage where it is going into households and cars are having to drive through it. It is an absolutely disgusting nuisance.”

Residents of Thatcher Close and York Gardens are furious with the mess that has been left outside of their homes

Sue Kirkwood, 57, has rented a property in Connaught Road for 17 years. She said: “The alley immediately to the left of the garage is an access to the back of the properties and has, over the years, been blocked by fly-tippers.

“I am concerned that this area is a dumping ground for other people’s garden and household waste, and about the affect it could have if the emergency services needed to get to the back of the properties.

“I have said for ages that there should be CCTV installed so the perpetrators can be caught, or more street lighting as they would think twice about doing it.”

A spokesperson for Arun District Council said: “We are very keen to stop fly tipping in the district and where it is reported to us we are quick to react to clear up any mess and also to investigate anything that may lead us to the offenders. Where fly tipping happens on private land, the council doesn’t have jurisdiction to act but can offer advice to the landowner if sought.”

Cardboard and paint take up the majority of the road, leaving the residents with no choice but to drive or walk through to get anywhere
The bad weather has made the mess worse, spreading the paint further and creating paint puddles in the road
The paint is easily spread, meaning residents are bringing the mess onto their property and into their homes
'Please stop fly tipping' - Residents plea with people fly tipping outside their homes
Cars are getting the paint on the wheels which is spreading the paint further
Rubbish has also been dumped down this alleyway
Building material and paint has been left outside Littlehampton homes