Seaford and Lewes residents mark UN Anti-Racism Day

Members of the community in both Seaford and Lewes marked UN Anti-Racism Day on Saturday.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 12:12 pm
A three minute silence was observed

In Seaford, residents laid painted pebbles on the Prom to commemorate black people and people of colour who have lost their lives fighting for racial justice.

They said their aim was to protest against continuing racism, and to commemorate people from the Global South who have been killed while trying to defend their communities against corporations wishing to make a profit at the expense of the environment.

A three-minute silence was observed.

The vigil in Lewes. Photo by Katie Vandyck

Later, in Lewes, residents performed a protest and vigil.

They came one by one to lay candles along the spiral path leading up to the top of the raised mound overlooking the Heart of Reeds, on the Railway Land.

Protestor Dolmen Domikles said: “It feels important that, even in mainly white communities like Seaford and Lewes, we show that we care about things like this.

“We know that we all depend on the rainforests for the survival of the planet, and it’s been land defenders from the Global South who have risked and even lost their lives fighting to prevent their destruction.”

A sign was drawn on the road

Both events were individuals commemorating and protesting, safely distanced, during their daily exercise outing, he added.

Painted pebbles
Climate crisis sign