Seagull survives after being shot six times

A Herring gull that was shot six times with an air weapon is being treated at Mallydams Wood RSPCA centre at Fairlight.

The gull was brought in a few days ago after being found struggling to stand.

A spokesperson at the centre said: “An x-ray revealed the poor bird has been shot on more than one occasion and had six airgun pellets in his body. The most recent one has lodged near his pelvis and has caused damage to his airsac.He is under close monitoring and we hope for a full recovery.

“We also spotted a healed fracture on his wing. This poor gull has suffered in his life and amazingly is still going strong.”

Gull shot with air weapon 1 SUS-210208-141853001
Gull shot with air weapon 2 SUS-210208-141903001