Second-hand uniform shop launched at Chichester primary school

In a bid to make buying school uniforms a cheaper and more eco-friendly, a Chichester school has launched its own second-hand shop to help parents, the community and the environment.
Lorraine OrchardLorraine Orchard
Lorraine Orchard

The scheme launched officially on Wednesday (September 15) at St Richard's Catholic Primary School and is the brainchild of the school's business manager Lorraine Orchard.

Lorraine said: "It's an initiative to sell second-hand uniform. We sell everything for £1 unless someone makes a donation and then you can get it for 50p.

"It is free to use for our free school meal parents.

Business manager Lorraine Orchard with headteacher James FieldBusiness manager Lorraine Orchard with headteacher James Field
Business manager Lorraine Orchard with headteacher James Field
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"We wanted to do it so when we could do private tours of the school because some times people feel intimidated or embarrassed [about financial concerns] but it gives people a chance to look privately.

"It's also environmentally friendly, recycling and helping our community."

Headteacher James Field described Mrs Orchard's work on the project as 'amazing'.

"She has taken it on and put a lot of time and effort into it and has gone above and beyond. A huge number of people have used it and it has really helped them.

"We are really proud of it and it is good for the environment too."