Shoreham mum of 11lb baby finally wins her weight-loss battle

Shoreham slimmer Amy Harris knows all about weight battles, having gone up four dress sizes as a teenager and given birth to two large babies, one as big as 11lb.

She has been through a few health struggles over the past five years, which have not helped, but having finally got her weight under control, she has set up a Slimming World group so she can help others.

Amy said she has always struggled with her weight since her teenage years and went from a size 8 at age 18 to a size 16 by the time she turned 21.

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She went on to have an 11lb baby followed by a near 8lb baby and then battled with her weight for two years, trying all kinds of diets, until she decided she had had enough and joined Slimming World.

Amy Harris has lost 3st 4lb since she joined Slimming World in July last year

Amy said: “I weighed it at nearly 15 stone and I was so unhappy.

“With Slimming World, I was a little unsure as I was eating so much and it felt great, but after my first week I had lost 5lb. I was over the moon and hooked.

“I can now run around the park with my boys without being out of breath and wear clothes that I feel good in and it has changed me and my family’s life forever.”

In 2014, after she fell pregnant with her first son, Amy was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Amy Harris can now run around the park with her sons without being out of breath

She said: “It was diet controlled, however I still struggled. My son was born in October, weighing in at 11lb. I suffered some real health issues and spent two weeks in intensive care straight after having him.

“I recovered after around six weeks in the Brighton kidney unit and I had lost a lot of weight.

“I then gained weight again and with my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed again with gestational diabetes. This time I was insulin based and had to inject daily. This frightened me for the risk of diabetes in the future. He was born in September 2016, two weeks early, at 7lb 13oz.”

Amy joined Slimming World in July 2018 and has lost 3st 4lb to date, taking her from almost 14st 11lb to 11st 7lb.

She is now using her knowledge to help others and launched her career as a consultant on July 31, setting up a Slimming World group with two Wednesday sessions at St Giles Church hall, in Upper Shoreham Road.

Amy said: “I haven’t looked back. I decided I wanted to become a consultant around April this year because I wanted to help others with weight problems and Slimming World is so easy.

“I have learned to make changes in how I shop, cook and eat for me and my family and I want everyone out there know that it is possible.

“I have welcomed 78 new members and the group has lost an incredible 678lbs, over 48 stone, since August 1.”

Amy says she loves her new career as a Slimming World consultant, with more than 80 members at her group, across two sessions.