Shoreham Port unveils new restoration and rewilding project

A new community restoration and rewilding project has been announced for Shoreham Port, transforming key areas with a focus on conservation and education.

Sussex Dolphin Project is working with the port to deliver an education programme focused on the importance of coastal and marine ecosystems, with open access to coastal habitats in the Southwick and Fishersgate area.

The rewilding project has been developed as a result of the pair’s partnership, announced last summer, and aims to work with the community on sustainability and conservation issues.

Thea Taylor, Sussex Dolphin Project lead, said: “The restoration and rewilding projects with Shoreham Port give us an invaluable opportunity to provide education, research and ecotourism opportunities for members of the local community whilst also raising awareness of our work.

Aerial view of Shoreham Port

“The Shoreham Port team have been extremely welcoming, open and forward-thinking in their approach to this project. We thank them for their ongoing support and look forward to sharing this project with the wider community.”

Highlights include rejuvenation of wild banks and green spaces to increase biodiversity, a marine rewilding programme with relevant species and habitats, and forums to discuss, improve and showcase the project.

Nicky Brown, people, communications and sustainability director at Shoreham Port, said: “We are delighted to be working closely with Sussex Dolphin Project, who share our vision for a more sustainable future.

“We have some exciting projects across our estate which we will launch with our partners later this year. We will work with all our stakeholders on our nature-based solutions to lead the port to a sustainable future.”

The red lines marks the area for the community restoration and rewilding project

Sussex Dolphin Project is the new name for Brighton Dolphin Project, to better reflect the organisation’s focus on marine mammals and ecosystems across the county. A charity project of the World Cetacean Alliance, it moved to new offices at the port last year following the announcement of the partnership.

The rewilding project will be central to its work inspiring the community to reconnect with the coast and protect the oceans by building awareness, delivering education initiatives and driving research projects.

Shoreham Port is one of only 14 accredited EcoPorts and only two PERS certified EcoPorts in the UK and is an active partner of the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere, also known as The Living Coast.