St Catherine’s Hospice calls for fundraisers to support it through Captain Tom 100 challenge

St Catherine’s Hospice is calling on people to help raise money through the Captain Tom 100 challenge.

The fundraiser, set up in memory of veteran Captain Tom who raised millions of pounds for the NHS runs over his birthday weekend of Friday April 30 to Monday May 3.

It hopes to raise money for charities to celebrate the life and amazing achievements of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died earlier this year.

The event will see people take on challenges based around the number 100 to honour the veteran, who died a centenarian earlier this year.

Ellie-Mae drawing her butterflies

Michaela Clements, Fundraising Manager at St Catherine’s said, “The Captain Tom 100 challenge is a brilliant opportunity for our community to raise vital funds for their local hospice, whilst also celebrating Captain Tom’s generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought to millions, and his sense of fun.”

Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said: “We know my father would love the idea of inviting everyone to get involved with a Captain Tom 100 challenge so that together we can ensure ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’”

St Catherine’s Hospice is urging people to get involved by donating to the challenge and sharing #CaptainTom100 on social media.

The charity has been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, a spokeswoman said. It’s significantly affected the local charity’s funds, and no hospice run events are planned to take place until 2022.

One hospice supporter who has already signed up to the Captain Tom challenge is 10-year-old, Ellie-Mae. She is drawing 100 butterflies to raise money for St Catherine’s as they looked after her Nanny and Grandad.

Ellie-Mae said: “I love drawing and once I’m done, I’m going to donate my pictures to the hospice. I’m drawing between 8 to 10 butterflies every day and hope to get to 100 by the May Bank Holiday.

“I chose to draw butterflies as I remember we released some butterflies at my Nanny and Grandad’s house. It was lovely to see them change from caterpillars to butterflies, and I always think of my grandparents when I see butterflies now. I love drawing them as they have so many different, unique patterns.

“I want to donate my pictures to St Catherine’s when I’ve finished so people can see how lovely they are and enjoy them. When you’re feeling poorly or looking after poorly people, it’s especially nice to remember simple things can be so pretty.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to all the nurses and staff at the hospice. My Grandad used to visit St Catherine’s from the hospital’s intensive care unit when my Nanny was at the hospice. They loved sitting in the hospice garden together. The nurses and staff at the hospice did a great job looking after them and us.”

To support St Catherine’s by taking on a Captain Tom challenge see