Petition to 'fix Chichester's pavements'

A petition has been created to fix Chichester's walkways by one resident who has had enough of the potentially harmful hazard.

In the petition Ms Trenchard explains why she felt the need to create it. She says: "Action is needed to prevent any further accidents, protect our residents and visitors and ensure accessibility for wheelchair users."

Sue Trenchard who has previously spoken to the Observer about the damage she was caused by Chichester' s pavements, has set up a petition to try and force local councils (Chichester City Council, Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council) to work together and fix the issue.

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Ms Trenchard told the observer she fell due to 'dodgy' pavingstones on The Hornet and was left covered with blood. She said she was fearful of venturing out into Chichester because she thinks many of the uneven cobbles and paving stones are a hazard.

The Hornet, Chichester, where Ms Trechard fell

She said: "I'm just dreading it, I can't have one more fall. Then I shall be disabled and be a nuisance to my family."

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It is not just Ms Trenchard who is pushing for this change as her petition has already received hundreds of signatures and support in the city.

One of these signatures is councilor for West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council and Chichester City Council, Sarah Sharp.

Cllr Sharp said: "This problem has been around for so long. It's an issue on the doorstep, and has been an issue on the doorstep and in constant conversation. I was in a wheelchair six years ago, so I myself know, having been pushed around the street by my children, how incredibly bumpy our pavements are."

"I've got a street which is mainly older people, and they say to me, 'we don't shop in Chichester, we go to Bognor, and they live here, so it's a massive issue".

The petition has amassed 319 signatures of its initial target of 500. One signatory of the petition stated: "I'm supporting this as several years ago I worked for Allied Homecare. They did a risk assessment for us to take someone into town in his Wheelchair and it failed due to the uneven streets, therefore he could not go out!"

Another said: "I've recently witnessed and helped two elderly people who tripped on uneven pavements, smashing their faces. And I saw another elderly man trip In Chichester just before COVID, when his face hit the ground his glasses broke and the metal frame was stuck in his face.

Another stated: "I have also tripped and fallen on numerous occasions within the city centre - I’ve twisted my ankle far more times than I can count & I’ve subluxed both my knee and hip TWICE. I’ve virtually given up going into town now unless I absolutely have to because it’s unsafe. I want to support local businesses but when it’s a health hazard to get to them it seems impossible."