Supermarket driving Eastbourne food deliveries all the way from London

Morrisons online food delivery for Eastbourne will no longer come from the local store – but from one more than 60 miles away.

Eastbourne will now be served as part of a larger route with deliveries coming from the store in Erith, located in south east London.

Lottbridge Drove, the Eastbourne site of Morrisons, used to be where the service would collect the food for delivery but the change means all online orders will come from the base in London.

Ms Hannah Cooper, who has been consistently ordering from Morrisons since March 2020, said, “I understand that Morrisons operates as a business but feel that more could have been done to make customers in the area aware of the changes to where there order would be delivered from.

Morrisons at Lottbridge Drive in Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-171026-092918008

“I was only made aware of it after speaking with my delivery driver who had spent 2 hours travelling to Eastbourne and had never visited the area before.

“Ensuring customers are informed of this would allow them to make a considered choice in regards to the environmental impact. A delivery from Morrisons online grocery to Eastbourne now involves a 120 mile round trip.

“I will no longer use the service now this change has been confirmed.”

Harriet Rodgers, a Morrisons spokesperson, said, “We have recently moved some of our store pick operations into a customer fulfilment centre.

“This change has been made to ensure that we provide our customers with the best service possible.

“By using a fulfilment centre we will continue to improve better availability, to reduce substitutions, and to aim for always on time deliveries.

“The vans are delivering as efficiently as possible, right through their route. Our planning always considers the carbon emissions.”