Sussex bystanders who filmed man collapsed outside Lloyds Bank branded ‘heartless’

A police sergeant has spoken out to criticise the ‘selfish and heartless actions’ of people who stood by filming after a man collapsed outside a Sussex bank.

Ambulance crews attended after reports that a man had collapsed outside Lloyds Bank in Haywards Heath last Tuesday (February 18).

This newspaper understands that the man later died, though no official confirmation has been received.

Sergeant Allan Philip of Mid Sussex Police said: “On Tuesday, February 18, while police and members of the public were assisting ambulance crews dealing with a person in need of urgent medical treatment, outside Lloyds Bank in Haywards Heath it was clear that some individuals, both youths and adults were seen to be filming what was going on.

Lloyds Bank in Haywards Heath

“While of course this is not illegal, it clearly shows complete disregard and lack of respect and compassion.

“Those individuals need to take a step back, look at their selfish and heartless actions in light of what was going on at the time.

“You know who you are and should be hanging your heads in complete shame.

“Dealing with incidents such as this takes a lot of dedication and training. To be hampered by people in those circumstances beggars belief.

“If anyone recognises themselves from this article or who has footage, please feel free to come and discuss with me if you wish and we can talk it through.”

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “I can confirm we were called at approximately 3.15pm on Tuesday, February 18, to reports a person had collapsed outside Lloyds Bank in Haywards Heath.

“Ambulance crews attended the scene and a person was given emergency treatment before being taken to hospital in a serious condition.”