Sussex seagull lovers say no cull is needed

Seagull lovers across Sussex have made it clear what they think about idea of culling the birds.

They spoke out as Worcester Council considers an application to Natural England so the birds can be shot.

If they succeed it would result in the first seagull cull in 40 years.

In Worcester Councillors say that gulls are still proving to be a menace despite £30,000 spent on anti-gull measures last year. They say have tried many non-lethal methods, as well as anti-gull bins which work by covering waste with metal grilles or other barriers.

Many of the comments across the county on social media have been in praise of gulls

In Hastings dozens of people took to the Hastings Gull Appreciation group on Facebook to make their feelings known, in support of the birds.

One woman posted “Sort the humans out and leave our beautiful gulls alone”. Another commented: “Outrageous! We all need to stop this happening.”

One person posted “Gulls were here long before humans,” while another said: “A stupid littering people cull may be more effective”.

There are no current plans for a seagull cull in Sussex though Rye Town Council were forced to put up signs asking people not to feed or encourage gulls due to problems they were causing and there are fears that if Worcester Council gets permission it will open the door for other local authorities to apply.