Sussex town makes list of best places to stay for ‘UFO staycations’

British holiday makers have been offered the best places to stay in the UK to spot an alien spaceship- and Bognor Regis, in West Sussex, has made the list.

Released ahead of World UFO Day this Friday (July 2), the list compiles all the most active spots for extra-terrestrial observation in the UK.

While ‘The South of England’ takes the number one spot with 38 alleged sightings, most of which were in London, the South-East comes in at number five, with 17 total spots over the last year.

One report from Bognor Regis describes more than 50 travelling lights one evening in May. Another, is from Monks Gate, in Horsham: a UFO spotter claims to have seen a ‘long thing’ just before midday in February.

The report was complied by

The report was compiled by, which analysed reports of UFO sightings over the last twelve months to determine when and where you’re likely to catch a glimpse of something out of this world.

A spokesperson for said “the first reported sighting of a UFO was in 1947 when an American pilot claimed he saw a string of nine shiny things in the sky.

“Sine then, UFOs have captivated the attention of people around the world because of their mysterious nature.

“Our research showed that sightings can happen at any time of the night and sometimes day, but reports are most commonly made during 10 and 11pm.”

For the full list of data and locations, click here.