‘Take your litter home’ urge Seaford councillors

‘PLEASE take your litter home’ was the message to visitors and residents from two Seaford councillors who were dismayed at the state of the town a few weeks ago.

Cllrs Sylvia Dunn and Sam Adeniji were raising concerns that overflowing bins and rubbish left out were a haven for rats and wildlife.

The councillors said the litter ended up all over the promenade, which is a gateway to the Seven Sisters.

In a joint statement cllr Dunn, who represents Seaford on East Sussex County Council and cllr Adeniji, who is a district councillor for Seaford, said: “It’s time that we realised that if we want our country to be clean and free of litter we all have a role to play. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to look after it, it’s everyone’s responsibility.”

They added that leaving litter on the beach was inexcusable and unsightly, saying it was disrespectful to leave a mess for someone else to deal with.

The weekend of Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19 saw a larger number of visitors to the beach due to the hot weather and the Triathlon taking place, which added to the problem.

Cllrs Dunn and Adeniji were so disgusted with the state of the town, that they spent the early evening bagging rubbish which had been littered everywhere.

They noticed how much of this rubbish was plastic bottles and tin cans, so much of which could have been taken home and recycled, they said.

Unlike Brighton and Hove, Seaford does not have its own cleaning crew, but relies on Lewes District Council to empty the bins.

But the councillors said that over any busy weekend Lewes District Council’s manpower would have been stretched, that there would be no-one to pick up this litter.

They said the litter would just stay just where it was and end up spoiling other people’s enjoyment of the beach.