Tesco delivery driver hailed a 'star' after giving out food and water in Gatwick road jam

A Tesco delivery driver is being hailed a ‘star’ after he came to the aid of people stuck in sweltering heat on a motorway near Gatwick.

John Green was in a taxi with his wife Maria on his way home from the airport after a holiday in Turkey.

"We got stuck in major traffic on the hottest day of the year with no water and my wife and myself were feeling really dehydrated and started to feel ill and worried how long we would be without water,” he said.

"My wife started to panic a bit because the heat in the car was quite intense.

John Green with Tesco delivery driver Ross Youngman

“I saw a Tesco van in the distance so thought I would chance my arm and see if the driver could help and asked if he had any water on board.

“He was happy to help out and go through the deliveries to find me and my wife some water.

“I offered to pay but he said he was just happy he could help out – what a star!

“He also helped out some others that had diabetes and needed to eat before taking medication.”

Tesco customer delivery driver Ross Youngman being presented with a 'Tesco Values Award' by delivery team manager Gavin Lawrence

And in a personal message to the Tesco driver – Ross Youngman from Crawley – John labelled him a ‘top man’ and said: “It's a shame there aren't more people like you in the world.”

And in a message to his Tesco bosses he said: “You must be so proud to have staff like Ross to represent your company.”

And he echoed the Tesco slogan: “Every little helps!”

Tesco manager at Crawley customer fulfilment centre Matt Price later praised Ross for helping the motorway users.

He said: “We’ve been so proud to hear about Ross’s actions and join in with those he helped in saying a big ‘thank you’ to Ross.

"We’re always looking to provide the best service but sometimes a small kindness can really make a big difference and Ross’s actions that day were inspiring, making quick decisions to support members of the public who were faced with a worrying situation.

"I know he is grateful to have received such a lovely response from so many people.

"A hugely proud moment and a massive well done Ross!”