This is how low income families in Sussex can save thousands of pounds and make their homes more energy efficient

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the UK government has implemented several grant opportunities as part of the ‘Green Home Grants’ economic stimulus.

These grant opportunities can provide homeowners with up to £10,000 to upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient.

Recently, the UK Government announced the Sustainable Warmth Competition, a new initiative which aims to save households money, reduce fuel poverty, cut carbon and support the aims of the Prime Minister’s 10 Point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

The Sustainable Warmth Competition brings two fuel poverty schemes (Local Authority Delivery Phase 3 and Home Upgrade Grant Phase 1) into a single funding opportunity that allow Local Authorities to assist low-income households obtain sustainable warmth.

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But time is running out to apply.

Margaret Jones explained: “What this means is that Local Authorities are highly encouraged to apply for funding on behalf of low-income households through the Sustainable Warmth Competition in order to receive funding to upgrade these households to maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs.

“Low-income households can benefit greatly from these opportunities so it is important that Local Authorities apply before the applications close on August 4.

“If approved for funding, authorities will be able to help low-income households contribute to Net Zero targets and even support the UK’s transition towards low-carbon heating. Please be sure to reach out to your Local Authorities in order ensure they are aware of this grant opportunity.”