TikTok boy band Here At Last perform at Worthing school

Here at Last, a boy band with 2.5million followers on social media platform TikTok, performed at a Worthing school to spread an important message.

The up-and-coming group is touring around schools to raise awareness of online safety, cyberbullying and mental health.

The band performed to students at Bohunt School in Worthing on Wednesday (November 17) and sang songs by Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish.

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Adam Whitehead, head teacher of Bohunt School Worthing, said: “I felt it was very important, especially after the last 18 months, for our students to have an exciting and different experience on this day.

Pedro, Zach and Ryan from Here At Last with year ten Bohunt students, Layla and Elizabeth

“Our school ethos is about enjoyment just as much as it is about achievement. That is not to say school is not also a place of learning and the wisdom the boys have provided to these year groups, on vital topics, is crucial and relatable in a way adults cannot always make it.”

Here at Last used their personal experiences as teenagers to relate to the students at Bohunt School.

The band was interviewed by two students, Layla Brooker and Elizabeth Tomasik, from Bohunt’s blog, and were asked a wide range of questions– from their career aspirations when they were at school to how they have managed issues such as bullying and mental health.

One of the questions Layla asked was if they had experienced any bulling.

Pedro, one of the band members, said: “Growing up, I was slightly different, posting singing videos on Instagram and people commented it was very girlish – all of us in the band have had similar comments.

“It has become easier the more we do and we’ve all been there and we got through it together as the band.”

Elizabeth asked the band how they had managed to speak out against bullying.

Pedro said: “It is a lot more difficult now as there are so many different ways for people to speak out online and say things to someone.

“As a group we are very lucky to have each other’s backs. If one of us is down, the other four of us are there to boost them back up.

“We are there for each other in the good times and the bad times.”

Here At Last praised the students, saying they were welcoming and very respectful.

Layla said: “It was a really important message the band had to say and they came across very professionally.”