Top 25 dog names revealed as Barbie comes out on top – with special mentions to Oppenheimer, the Lionesses and Taylor Swift

A study has revealed the top trending dog names. Is your pet’s name on the list?

A new study for National Dog Day (August 26) examining the UK’s top 25 trending pet names found that Barbie is the favourite choice for dogs so far in 2023, recording a 498 per cent increase in popularity.

Gathering popular searches for pet names throughout the United Kingdom over the last 12 months, the study by Buzz Bingo has shown that Brits are favouring topical pet names over traditional names. Included in the list are film references to the ‘Barbenheimer’ legacy, football legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and popular music artists.

A spokesperson for Buzz Bingo said: “Following the release of the blockbuster hit earlier this year, how did Ken fare in the list? Once again, he was in Barbie’s shadow, scoring just a 24% average increase. Maybe he isn’t Kenough, after all.”

Taylor Swift has also inspired dog-owners, with ‘Swift’ increasing by almost a quarter (22 per cent) and placing at number 25 on the list, following the success of her sold-out tour.

See below for the full top 25.