Tributes to Lewes eco pioneer Adrienne

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Lewes eco pioneer Adrienne Campbell died on Thursday October 25 of metastatic breast cancer.

Adrienne co-founded the Lewes New School and Transition Town Lewes, and helped develop manyTransition initiatives, including the Lewes Pound, the LDC car club and the Friday Market.

A scientist and journalist by training, she was in frequent contact with environmental, political and spiritual thinkers in the UK and all over the world and helped to mark Lewes as a centre for pioneering ideas and actions.

Adrienne was a keen gardener, wooodswoman and beekeeper, and contributed to the foundation of the Natural Beekeeping Trust.

She wrote a popular weekly column, 100 Monkeys, in Viva Lewes online until ill-health prevented her from continuing.

She was much involved in local and national political action and appeared on the front page of the Sussex Express in January 2011 being arrested at a protest against tax evasion outside the Lewes branch of Boots.

Adrienne’s husband Dirk Campbell said: “Adrienne was an extraordinary woman with rare visionary spirit.

“She loved the natural world above all things and was a passionate campaigner on behalf of the environment.

“She also loved Lewes and its people. I hope that the projects she started will continue on for a long time to come. She leaves a gaping hole in our lives. We miss her very deeply.”

Lewes MP Norman Baker said: “Adrienne Campbell is someone I rather admired.

“She would regularly lobby me on a range of issues, mostly environmental, but always from a progressive, liberal starting point.

“Over the years this included subjects as diverse as the planning regime for solar panels, the threat to the wild bee population, the waiting lists for allotments, the promotion of energy efficiency, and the threat from unconventional fossil fuels.

“I would nearly always find myself agreeing with the points she made. But she was not just a letter-writer, but a doer as well.

“Her combination of imagination, commitment to localism, and progressive outlook was perhaps epitomised by the major role she played in establishing the quirky and very “Lewes” Lewes New School. It is a pity more people are not like Adrienne. I will miss her.”

Lewes cllr and former mayor John Stockdale said: “Adrienne was a positive and optimistic woman who pioneered a better way of living in so many different areas.

“She will be especially remembered for her role in the founding of Lewes New School and Transition Town Lewes.

“The all-embracing warmth of her personality was extended to everyone she knew. She has left her mark permanently on the Lewes community.

“It is a privilege to have known her.”

Adrienne was born on July 30 1960. She is survived by her husband Dirk and her four children Sophia, Anna, Rose and Adam.