Up to £120k to be spent on Hailsham play areas

Play areas in Hailsham will be upgraded to future-proof them for the next 15 years.

The issue of play area conditions was highlighted at a recent of the Assets Management Committee meeting. It was agreed the play areas in Battle Road, Stroma Gardens and next to the Maurice Thornton Playing Field require some attention.

According to the town council, the council has already agreed a budget of more than £40k for the overlaying of the wet pour surface at the sites and has now agreed to invest between £100k-£120k for upgrades and improvements to play areas.

The project will be funded by using the council's Community Infrastructure Levy money and future-proof the play areas for the next 10-15 years.


Works manager Richard Gillett said: "The proposed revamp of some on the maintained play areas is part of the town council's continued commitment to improve local parks and open space.

"Children’s play areas play a vital role in outdoor recreation, providing children with an area to relax, meet friends and play."

"The town council’s play areas strike a balance between providing stimulating play and meeting current safety requirements, which is why we pride ourselves in maintaining our facilities to the highest standards and undertaking regular inspections, repairs and replacements where necessary, as well as upgrades such as those discussed by town councillors recently.

"The Battle Road, Stroma Gardens and Maurice Thornton play facilities are well-used and the proposed improvement works ton those sites will see the installation of new and more inclusive equipment, plus it will also help the town council tackle the challenge of a growing number of families with children in the Hailsham area."