Video: Dramatic footage shows recent rock fall at Birling Gap cliffs

This dramatic video shows part of the cliff face at Birling Gap falling on to the beach below.

Onlookers gathered as rocks and chalk broke away from the iconic cliffs on Tuesday (March 4) and shattered on to the beach.

Birling gap - more cliff falls

Birling gap - more cliff falls

Recent frosts and months of heavy rain have made all cliffs edges unsafe and the public are being warned to stay away.

A spokesman for the National Trust said: “We will continue to monitor the situation and have signage in place letting visitors to the site know which areas they should avoid.”

A spokesman for Wealden District Council said: “Birling Gap Steps, access to the beach and viewing platform continue to remain closed to the public. The public should also stay away from unfenced cliff edges.”

Click on the video above to watch Eddie Mitchell’s video of the crumbling cliff.