Video - See 50 seals scampering to sea on Sussex beach

A group of seals were spotted by a walker on a Sussex beach last night Wednesday, June 22).

Milo Foster said he saw them on Fairlight beach, near Hastings at around 10pm.

He managed to capture video footage of them sitting on the beach before they all went back into the sea.

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He said: “At around 10pm on Tuesday I was walking along Fairlight beach and came across 50 plus seals sitting on the beach. They saw me and all scampered off into the sea.”

The seals in the sea. Picture by Milo Foster

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) said it is mainly harbour seals which are spotted of the Sussex coast.

Occasionally grey seals from the north coast of France appear on the beaches, East Sussex WRAS said.

There are also colonies of seals off Dover and at Chichester Harbour.

Seals are mammals and sometimes come out of the water and sunbathe.

Harbour seals are born in summer and youngsters can sometimes wash up onto beaches unable to feed themselves..