Warning after large amount of smashed glass dropped in Hastings woods

People walking in Hastings woodland have been urged to take care after a large amount of smashed glass was found on the footpaths.

Picture: Kay Early SUS-210723-135510001
Picture: Kay Early SUS-210723-135510001

The dangerous objects were spotted in St Helens Wood on Friday morning (July 23) but regular users of the park said the footpaths were clear on Thursday evening, suggesting it was dropped late on Thursday or early Friday morning.

Kay Early visited the woods earlier today and reported the issue to both the St Helens Woods Preservation Society and Hastings Borough Council requesting help with the clean up.

The St Helens Woods Preservation Society said it was getting a team together to help clear the area, according to Kay.

Picture: Kay Early SUS-210723-135520001

Hastings Borough Council said the issue has been reported to its street cleaning team who will arrange clearing the glass.

Kay said most of the paths in the woods have huge amounts of glass and crockery smashed onto them.

She added: “It’s a huge job. It looks like someone has gone around with bags full of glass throwing it around like confetti in the night.

“Regardless of who, why and when, it’s really bad. Stay safe, folks.”

Picture: Kay Early SUS-210723-135500001
Picture: Kay Early SUS-210723-135530001