Warning over Black Friday ‘deals’ goes out from West Sussex firefighters

A warning over dodgy deals has gone out from West Sussex firefighters ahead of Black Friday sales.

They are urging people not to compromise on safety for an online ‘bargain’ which could be counterfeit.

They are advising people to only buy electrical items from reputable retailers whose products will not only meet correct safety standards but will be replaced by them if something goes wrong, or a refund given.

Nicki Peddle, head of prevention with West Sussex Fire Service, said: “At this time of year we are always prepared to see an increase in the number of fires that begin as the result of faulty electrical items, or overloaded plug sockets.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue. Pic Steve Robards SR1817306 SUS-180108-084210001

“When putting up the Christmas decorations it’s all too easy to add another plug to a socket, or daisy-chain extension leads together to make the fairy lights fit where they need to be.

“But this can be incredibly dangerous. The last thing anyone wants to have to contend with at this time of year is a fire in their own home. So we would urge people to think twice when it comes to electrical fire safety.”

The fire service urges:

Never leave electrical items plugged in or unattended, especially at night.

Unplug all appliances and chargers when not using them.

Make sure sockets and adaptors aren’t overloaded.

Regularly check that flexible cables on all electrical appliances are not worn or coming out of the plug.

Make sure you have a working smoke alarm.