Watch Jab today, safer tomorrow – the catchy vaccine song put together in Brighton for the NHS

A song to encourage people in Sussex to get their Covid-19 vaccinations has been produced by Brighton's Latest TV with help from some special friends.

The Jab Today, Safer Tomorrow song was produced by Latest TV for the NHS in Sussex
The Jab Today, Safer Tomorrow song was produced by Latest TV for the NHS in Sussex

Jab Today, Safer Tomorrow brings together grassroots musicians and community influencers to spread the message 'let's be safe as one' and encourage those who have not had the vaccine to get it as soon as possible.

Staff at Latest TV in Brighton are joined by Brighton chef Momma Cherri, banjoist Nick Pynn, dance music star Osaro and country rap originator Eminemmylou as they sing lines such as 'What can we do to put you at ease, what can we say to make you believe'.

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Beats were courtesy of Luke Dixon and the Jab Today song was written and produced by Eminemmylou, Latest Bill and Julian Tardo 'with a little help from our friends'.

It was recorded at Church Road Studios in Hove and the song video is by Ele Berrie and Angi Mariani.

Following the song, there are video testimonies from people in the community who have had both jabs and urge others to do the same. The videos were gathered and directed by Stephanie Prior and Osaro Ogbeide and filmed at Latest TV in Brighton.

Among those on video are Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown, who says: "I was one of the first people to come down with coronavirus and it was a horrible, nasty disease that I managed to recover from but many have not been so lucky. And now we have the miracle of a vaccine, a vaccine that was developed over ten years since the last SARS virus, a similar virus to our current coronavirus that we see now, [which] was tweaked in a mammoth effort in the last year and is saving hundreds and hundreds of lives every day.

"I was jabbed and I think that everyone that can should be jabbed today for a safer tomorrow."

Watch the song and other videos within this story or on YouTube at spokesperson for the Sussex COVID-19 Vaccination Programme said: “It has been great to team up to promote the COVID-19 vaccination in this way and encourage everyone who is yet to have theirs to take this simple step to protecting themselves and each other.

“It is fantastic to hear the voices from our communities, and we encourage everyone to take time today to watch these – and then take action. You can book your first or second jab (if you are over 18 years of age) online or by calling 119 – or come to one of our walk in sessions taking place today.”

Book a vaccine appointment or find out more about the programme and walk-in sessions at: