Well known Hastings Old Town cat Beano takes himself to Pet Service at church without his owner’s knowledge

Beano the cat stole the show when he decided to pay his own visit to the Old Town Week Pet Service at All Saints Church on Tuesday,

Old Town resident Maggie Alderson said: “Beano was impeccable. He greeted me at the door and pretty much led me to my pew. Then he strolled around owning the place, inspecting the pulpit. He made himself scarce when a dog started barking then strolled back in his usual relaxed manner.

“He was a superstar, representing the felines. The other animals were all dogs with two rabbits and a Snoopy toy.”

Beano’s owner Lynda Ridley said: “We talked about taking Beano to the Pet Service but he is very independent and doesn’t like being carried. We didn’t want to put him in a cat carrier. We also joked that he might be more interested in eating any small animals in the congregation. It looks like he turned up anyway.”

Beano the cat invades Old Town Pet Service SUS-210508-131049001

Beano, who lives near the church has form for attending services having previously invadeing an Easter Sunday service and a school carol concert.

He is also keen on visiting Old Town pubs.

But his curiosity has landed him in trouble in the past when he became trapped in empty houses on two occasions after sneaking in when the owners were moving house. Luckily he was spotted by local residents who alerted Lynda.

Beano is well known in the Old Town and even featured in a painting by local artist Juliet Brando driving the miniature train at the Stade.