World's Toughest Mudder: What it is like to do the world’s toughest race

A Midhurst architect has competed in the world’s Toughest Mudder race.

Taking place over 24 hours it consists of a five mile loop and 20 obstacles with the object of running as many laps as you can in 24 hours.

Charlie Boher came second and said: “I ran as a four man relay team with three other guys from America. Mark James, Whitney Tilson and Tome Millerick, where we completed 75 miles and second place overall.”

The race took place in the Nevada Desert outside of Las Vegas on November 13.

The top three teams. Charlie's team came second.

The obstacles ranged from general climbing, crawling and military styles things. But there was also some with electricity and pits full of ice and water to wade through.

Charlie said: “As the race is in the desert, the daytime temperatures were up around 30 degrees but once the sun set these dropped down to single figures and along with the windchill factor, it made everything at night a lot harder.

“The hardest part is around 4am, you’ve been running for 16 hours by then and people have already dropped out of the race and yet you know you still have eight hours of running to go.”

Charlie’s training began in January and consisted of long runs over Ambersham common and intense gym training as well as really getting on top of his diet.

Charlie took part in the world's Toughest Mudder

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On being part of a team he said: “I knew Mark James who I had raced with in America a few times before, the team was put together the day before the race so I didn’t know the other two guys, but we all worked well as a team.”

Charlie is hoping to take on the challenge again next year and improve on his distance.

He said: “Although I had been training all year, the race was only really confirmed for me three weeks ago due to the travel restrictions, luckily they opened the boarders five days before the race.”

Charlie took on the challenge to help raise awareness of James’s Place, a suicidal prevention charity set up by Clare Milford Haven in memory of her son, James.

Ten days after a minor operation, James took his own life. He went looking for someone to talk to about his suicidal thoughts but didn’t find the urgent help he so desperately needed. The charity aims to help others who need someone.

For more information on the charity, visit more on Tough Mudder races and the 24 hour world’s Toughest Mudder, visit