Prince Philip died on Friday, April 9, 2021 aged 99. Picture: Jane Barlow / AFP via Getty Images

Who are all the people attending Prince Philip's funeral and how are they related to the late Duke of Edinburgh?

The 30-strong guest list attending Prince Philip's funeral tomorrow (Saturday, April 17, 2021) at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, has been revealed.

By Alex Jenkins
Friday, 16th April 2021, 9:07 pm

Here we look at who they are and their relationship to the late Duke of Edinburgh. Please note, there is one picture missing from this article - Prince Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse. Prince Donatus is the head of the House of Brabant. He is the grandnephew by marriage of Prince Philip. You can read the many tributes that were paid in Sussex to Prince Philip shortly after his death here.

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