Willingdon community collects memorabilia for special anniversary

Willingdon residents are celebrating the anniversary of Willingdon Trees and collecting memorabilia to look back at the years since it was created.

Teri Sayers-Cooper, the Making It Happen community development worker for Willingdon Trees, said, “Did you know that, as we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, there is another anniversary to be recognised? Twenty years after the Elizabeth II became our Queen, there were preparations being made to build Willingdon Trees.”

The building of Willingdon Trees began in the early 1970s. Teri said she ‘fondly remembers the days before and after Willingdon Trees’.

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She said, “It was a really exciting time for us, as youngsters growing into teenagers, to see the estate develop and grow. It’s such a long time ago!”

Teri Sayers-Cooper in 1966/7, with the fields behind her where Willingdon Trees now sits

Teri now wants to collect memorabilia about the Willingdon Trees neighbourhood pre and post build.

She said, “Some people have grown up there, some have come from far away places to make their homes there. It has its own history and with it its own identity, both to be celebrated.”

Send your stories and photographs to Teri at [email protected] by May 31 or drop them in at the community centre at Holly Place/Maywood Avenue.

Once collected, memorabilia will be displayed at the jubilee picnic at Willingdon Trees Community Centre from 1pm-3pm on June 2.

Willingdon Trees Community Centre Holly Place Willingdon Trees. Photo by Stephen Curtis.

Tickets for the picnic are available at the community centre or by calling 01323 504438.

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